Does Branding Photography Still Matter in 2023?

The Evergreen Value of Branding Photography in a World Enamored with Video

In our dynamic digital world, the charm of videos seems to be everywhere, leading us to ponder—does the soulful art of branding photography still weave its magic? When predictions from experts like Cisco suggest that by 2022, online videos will account for more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic, it’s tempting to feel that the graceful dance of still photography might be fading into the shadows. However, this perspective misses the heart of the story.

Branding photography remains a cornerstone in shaping a brand’s soul and voice. It’s a beacon, radiating the brand’s ethos, values, and personality in ways sometimes, the melody of video content can’t quite capture.

Photographs are portals to instant connections, reflections of a brand’s soul captured in a single frame—a treasure in platforms bathed in swift scrolls. The instant resonance of a beautifully captured image often touches hearts more profoundly than a video, which demands time and focus to unravel its story.

The beauty of branding photography lies in its versatile spirit and seamless adaptability. A still image dances gracefully across various platforms and mediums—from websites to billboards, providing a harmonious and seamless symphony to the audience without the concerns of format compatibilities and loading times.

5 places where brand photos still triumph:

  1. Printed Material: In brochures, magazines, flyers, and business cards, brand photography is pivotal. These materials require high-quality, static visuals to convey a message succinctly, where a video would be impractical.
  2. Website Loading Speed and SEO: For online platforms, especially websites, loading speed is crucial. High-quality photographs consume less bandwidth compared to videos, offering faster loading times, which is beneficial for SEO. Additionally, alt text in images can also aid in SEO, making the brand more discoverable.
  3. Email Marketing:In email campaigns, brand photographs are more efficient. They help in reducing the email load time and are more likely to be displayed directly in email clients compared to embedded videos, which might often be blocked or linked out due to security settings in many email clients.
  4. Billboards and Outdoor Advertising: In outdoor advertising like billboards and posters, still imagery is the medium of choice. The audience typically views these while in motion, so brand photography must make an instant impact and convey the message in a fraction of a second, something a video can’t accomplish.
  5. Product Packaging: The packaging is often the first physical touchpoint between a brand and its consumers. Here, brand photography plays a crucial role in visually communicating the brand identity and values, whereas incorporating a video would be unfeasible.

Each of these examples highlights scenarios where brand photography is not only preferred but often the only viable option to effectively convey a brand’s message and identity.

Photography has the gift of distilling your message into focused and heartfelt communication—a gem in our world buzzing with information. While videos paint their stories passively, a still image invites the viewer to actively engage, to interpret, and to reflect, allowing your message to intertwine with their spirit.

Understanding the harmonious dance between photos and videos is crucial. Videos narrate, explain, and evoke—painting emotions and stories. Meanwhile, photographs are the timeless visual poets narrating your brand’s essence with simplicity and grace.

The dance between thoughtful content creation intertwines both photography and video, allowing brands to harness the unique strengths of each medium, crafting a richer, more colorful, and engaging brand symphony.

In our evolving digital dance swirling with videos, the timeless art of branding photography continues to sing its timeless tune. Its gifts of instant, deep connections, diverse adaptability, and sincere, clear communication make it an eternal companion in a holistic brand journey.

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