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Kimberly Graef Design is a name synonymous with unforgettable branding and rebellious, yet meticulous design. Specializing in crafting bold identities for entrepreneurs across the internet, Kimberly’s brand exudes a vibrant blend of innovation and authenticity. It was my absolute pleasure to have this talented brand identity and graphic designer grace my studio and to capture her essence in a series of stunning brand photos.

Brand Aesthetic

Unique, Authentic, Creative
Kimberly Graef: Brand Identity Specialist and Creative Designer

More About Kimberly

Kimberly Graef is not your average designer. She weaves her days with a mix of sketching logos in her notebook, working on the latest packaging or print designs, and savoring her chai. Her uniqueness lies in her ability to work her magic, often barefoot, from her cozy home office, radiating a warmth and joy that is genuinely infectious.

Given her distinctive style and approach, it was crucial to encapsulate Kimberly’s personality authentically and vibrantly. From her cheerful laughter to her sunny disposition, every frame was a reflection of her inner beauty, matching the external charm that is unmistakably Kimberly.

Kimberly brought a plethora of props, each a vivid representation of her brand and personality, rendering the studio a canvas of originality and creativity. From a dynamic work scene to a bright and airy lounge, every setup was a peek into her eclectic world. The session was interspersed with traditional headshots, moments of genuine laughter, and refreshing tea breaks, each moment a true embodiment of Kimberly’s spirit.

A Blank Canvas for Every Brand

Kimberly’s session is a testament to the versatility and adaptability of my studio, a blank canvas that can be molded and shaped to reflect the essence of every brand that walks through its doors. Graphic designers and creatives alike will appreciate the flexibility and boundless possibilities my studio offers, allowing them to bring their vision to life in the most authentic way possible.

The exhilarating session with Kimberly Graef Design emphasized the importance of aligning one’s brand photos with the true personality and ethos of the brand. Every chuckle shared and every candid moment captured were reflections of Kimberly’s radiant personality and her exceptional talent in brand identity and graphic design.

For every bold entrepreneur and rebellious brand out there looking to infuse authenticity and uniqueness into their brand imagery, my studio is the blank canvas waiting to be transformed into your world. Book a brand session today, and let’s create visual magic together, one that resonates with your brand and tells your story in the most unforgettable way!

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