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Personal Brand Photography

Not just your average headshot photos. Our brand photography experience elevates and aligns boutique brands and entrepreneurs with custom online content that stands you apart from your competitors and connects your audience with your business.

Hey, I’m Jackie. Consider me your brand bestie.

I help small business entrepreneurs feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera to rock their branding sessions like the superstars they already knew they were.

Digital marketer and photography obsessed – I am all about channeling your inner entrepreneur to find an authentic and exceptional way to create branded images that resonate with your audience. On a personal level, you’ll find that I am a bubbly, energetic soul who loves being your hype woman during your session. I’m a strong believer in vetting out my clients to be the best-suited fit for their digital content needs.

A few fun facts:

When growing my photography business, I spent over 7 years working for marketing agencies as a social media manager, website designer, brand designer, and digital marketing specialist.
I funneled my marketing knowledge to help my portrait and wedding photography business.

Now, I work passionately alongside other female-led business owners and entrepreneurs to empower them with authentic, breakthrough brand photography.


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Signs that Your Business needs
 Branding Photos:


You have a great story to tell but can’t find images that represent your style


You rely on basic stock photography to make your website and online channels look professional


You want to streamline your business to have a cohesive brand aesthetic online

who is branding photography for?

People ready take their online presence to the next level – is that you?

I frequently work with designers, authors, real estate agents, event planners, wedding professionals, and even other photographers. But the real answer is, any small business with an online presence can benefit from a curated and intentionally planned branding photography session!

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The 411 on Branding Photography


Personal Branding Photography is much more than the standard headshot.

It’s capturing your story, your authenticity, and your personality. This typically involves taking headshots, lifestyle photos, and photos for social media. It’s a representation of who you are and oftentimes is the first impression your audience will see.

Together, we create the perfect scene to elevate your personal brand. You’ll be left with images for your website, social media pages, and online presence to represent you to the highest level.

Working with me, you’re getting more than just a photographer. You’re partnering with a digital marketer, brand strategist, content creator, educator, and designer.

What you’ll get out of this experience is more than just a new headshot for your “About Me” section on your website. You’ll have truly unique and authentic visual content to share with your audience that resonates.

Branding photography involves meticulously planned staging and styling!

I plan everything from the props, outfits, decor, location, lighting style, backgrounds, and all the little details. Our downtown Vero Beach studio has a collection of staging items to choose from, but we encourage diving in to what items pertaining to your business and brand should be included. 

Take advantage of our beauty bar and feel free to bring (and keep) your hair and makeup artist in the studio for styling, change-ups and touch ups.

Full sessions include multiple hours of shooting for maximum content creation with your brand.

My branding packages are split into mini and full options to make the most out of your branded content curation experience. We focus on not just portraits, but editorial content, interactive product shots, seasonal content, and emotional storytelling images.

Trust me, you’re going to love it!

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how it works


It all begins with a quick questionnaire and brand strategy consultation. Here, we will establish your business fundamentals and goals. We’ll dive into the ideal client you’re looking to attract and what statement your brand looking to make.

Define Your Style

Depending on where you are in your business, you may already have a clear, defined personal style. That’s great! But for those of you just starting out, I will coach you through the entire process. We will have everything planned and prepped on the day of your shoot, from wardrobe, hair, makeup, accessories, and styling.


Meet me at the Studio

My commercial photography studio is the perfect setting for your branding session. We’ll meet for an amazing day of personally styled content – from details, portraits, lifestyle images, and more!

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Preparing for your Session

Prepping for your branding session is a collaborative process! My branding sessions are all about being intentional, efficient, and organized. We start the process with a kick-off questionnaire to give me the ins and out of what makes you, you.

Prior to your arrival to the studio, you’ll get access to my exclusive client lounge where you can review my tools and resources for planning your wardrobe, hair and makeup, and styling your session.

At the studio, I will guide you through all the steps of posing to capture you with personality and vibrancy. We’ll use my staging inventory for designing the perfect space and scene for your background – you’ll be blown away by how easy (and FUN) the process will be.

Why does branding
photography work?

There’s a long list of reasons why branded content is beneficial to your business presence online. But psychology aside, here are just a few things your biz will portray with the right content:


  • Relatability. People want to work with companies and brands they relate to.
  • Trustworthiness. Customers are more likely to invest in someone they trust.
  • Being Connected. People feel comfortable working with businesses that they feel like they connect to on a deeper level.

Which Session is Right for You?

Compare my brand experiences below to find the perfect one suited to your needs.

Start Here:


I need just a simple headshot for an about me page, marketing material, or print feature.


I recommend

The quick fix

Need More?


I need professional headshots for an about me page, marketing material, or print feature.

PLUS content for social media posts and reels that showcase me in professional and authentic style poses that include multiple outfits.


I recommend

The basleine

How about:

I need professional headshots for an about me page, marketing material, or print feature.

PLUS content for social media posts and reels that showcase me in professional and authentic style poses that include multiple outfits as well as behind the scenes and lifestyle photos.

AND curated stock photos that include my own brand and aesthetic that show off my services, products, and skills!


I recommend

The Pro

Let’s Talk Business.

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