Tips for Building Your Brand as a Private Social Media Manager

How to show up so you stand out in your industry as a social media content creator.

Having an online brand as a social media specialist has never been so important.

It’s no secret we live in a world where most people use social media regularly every day. Private social media managers need to be on their online-presence “A” game to stand out these days. So if you’re looking to build a solid brand with a fail-proof online presence, here are some things you can do to elevate yourself from the rest.

Find your niche.

The most successful social media managers know that narrowing down the companies or brands they work for is critical. You want to be the trusted and knowledgeable source for your clients, so it’s a good idea to have a subject or industry you are interested in or have intimate knowledge about.

Imagine not having any scientific background but trying to manage a social account for a biomedical engineer. Would you be able to understand the fundamentals of their day-to-day to post content on their behalf and make it make sense?

If you’re doing a little bit of everything, you’re bound to hit the burnout phase (and quickly). Constantly researching everything before you post it can be daunting, and making a mistake on a client’s page is even worse. Love fashion and beauty? Work with influencers and designers. Love talking about art and design? Find designers, architects, or wedding photographers to hone on.

Your ideal niche should:

  • Be something you have a basic understanding of (or can learn about with a bit of research and education)
  • Is specific to an industry or common group of ideals, products, or services
  • Something you’ll like reading and posting about regularly

Establish your brand voice.

Have you considered how what you say attracts your audience? You want to speak how they want to be spoken to. Once you’ve adopted a niche, you have to “talk the talk,” so to say.

How to establish a brand voice:

  1. Decipher the morals and values that you’ll inherently abide by throughout your brand. Are you against talking about politics and hot topics? Does anything from your personal life beliefs need to be respected?
  2. Create a mission statement that will me your “mantra” in how you conduct yourself and your brand online (and in person).
  3.  Identify your target audience within your niche and focus on things like what they value, resonate with, and consume on social media.
  4. Consider a tone, or way of speaking that will connect your audience, niche, and brand together. You’ll want to be consistent with your style of communication. Are you going for relatable? Witty? Respectful?
  5. Create a reference key to give yourself actual terms, ideas, and reminders of how to speak to build consistency with your tone and ongoing messages.

Book a professional branding session.

Once you’ve got the voice and niche all narrowed down, you’ve got to actually show up for your brand! Personal Branding sessions with a professional photographer are in-depth content sessions that focus on bringing your voice and personality to life within your online presence and social media channels.

If you’re a great social media manager but struggle to find clients because you’re posting stock photos, generic content, and leaving your face out of the mix, you’re missing out! These days, people want to get to know who they are letting into their businesses, so you need to be able to look the part.

Have a great website.

Sounds counterintuitive, right? Does the social media manager need to have a presence NOT on social media? Absolutely! Your website should be a tool and an essential resource for building your brand from followers to clients! 

You got this!

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